634 miles (3/12): All that fake laughin’ for nothin’



remains of the french press


blurry honey pot


the owls are not what they seem


this color is called “sa-greena the teenage witch”


we listen to WEVL on sunday mornings


we read the new york times




we were going to see wayne white


it was kinda springy that day


the brooks museum had a chalk fair the other day


they had a yarn bombing the day we went


lobby of the brooks museum


wayne white is a really neat guy


more yarn bombing


our friend adam was there


the hitone is closed now and that makes me sad


we went to outdoors to exchange some shoes


wayne white signed my book and drew me a little picture.


guinness on st. patrick’s day


we sat on the front deck for a while




instagramming st. patrick’s day stuff


we made bbq pizza




i’ve never made anything from this cookbook


flour scraper


refrigerator stuff


we watched the season finale of “girls”


and “the simpsons”


and “twin peaks” before bedtime

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