634 miles (4/12) – the Black Lodge




Good morning, flowers.


Good morning, tiny babies.


We watched the Coachella webcast for breakfast.


I killed this giant fly the night before, but I left him there so I could shoot him in the morning light.


lensbaby maple.


lensbaby buds.


lensbaby basil.


Julianne Moore was in the NYT style magazine, splattered with blood or something.


We went to Black Lodge video.


Chris was going to be on a web talk show with the Rising Fyre guys.


We ran to get some coffee.


Time for the talk show.




Black lodge detail.


Filmmaker Mike McCarthy dropped by during the interview. You should look him up (http://www.guerrillamonster.com/)


J. Lazarus Hawk, of Rising Fyre Productions. You should look him up too. (http://www.risingfyre.com/)


Local filmmaker shelf at Black Lodge.




Matt Martin runs Black Lodge and knows stuff about movies that you don’t have room for in your brain.


We rented some movies.


We went to Easy Way.


Chopped stuff for supper.


Golden hour.



We made Manhattans. Not with hot sauce; don’t be silly.








Sly II is budding.



Lights in the back yard.




Future tulip.


Stuff on the grill.




Social Distortion on the Coachella webcast.


Corner of the dining room.


Bedside light.




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