634 miles (7/12) – 4th (in reverse)


chicken soup with rice july 4 final IMG_1484 IMG_1481 IMG_1480 IMG_1463 IMG_1462 IMG_1456 IMG_1454 IMG_1447 IMG_1436 IMG_1435 IMG_1433 IMG_1429 IMG_1424 IMG_1412 IMG_1402 IMG_1382 IMG_1379 IMG_1352 IMG_1347 IMG_1341 IMG_1337 IMG_1333 IMG_1322 IMG_1318 IMG_1317 IMG_1316 IMG_1315 IMG_1314 IMG_1313 IMG_1308 IMG_1306 IMG_1305 IMG_1304 IMG_1303 IMG_1295 IMG_1292 IMG_1289 IMG_1265 IMG_1263 IMG_1254 IMG_1252 IMG_1247 IMG_1243 IMG_1237 IMG_1226

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